About the FBRA

Founded in 1955, the Fairfield Beach Residents Association is a 501(c)4 advocacy organization comprised of homeowners from the Old Post Road south to Fairfield Beach Road west to the end of the road, and Reef Road east to Beach Road. The FBRA aims to: Represent and implement the interests and desires of the membership in maintaining and improving Fairfield Beach and vicinity; promote cooperation among the owners and renters; represent the common interests of the membership in relation to governmental authorities, and provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, and quality of life for all people residing in the Fairfield Beach area.

FBRA Initiatives

  • Coastal Environment and Erosion Control
  • Resident/Student Relations
  • Beach Beautification
  • Property Assessment / Tax related issues
  • Housing / Traffic Control
  • 5K / Marathon Volunteering
  • Planning & Zoning awareness
  • Other matters that arise with potential impact on Fairfield Beach Residents


OFFICERS: Carolyn Kamlet – President
Bill Perugini – Vice President
Donna Alatakis – Treasurer
David Harris – Asst. Treasurer
Becky Bunnell – Secretary
Jim Bowen Bryan Cafferelli
Peter Collins
Brian Farnen
Roy Friedman
Steve Gordon
Rick Grauer
Ilse Martin
Marc Papini Lucas Scholhamer
Patti Zecchi
David Zieff