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Clam Jam is set for Saturday April 30th. The university has set up the same parameters as in the last few years.  Gates open at 11 AM and the event closes at 4 PM.  They will again have a fenced area near Durrell Center.  The event is limited to juniors and seniors, and they must have tickets. There will be music, food and libations.  

DPW has been hired to clean up the venue, FPD, FFD, G-Force and University staff and the University’s Department of Public Safety DPS will be working the event.  University staff will assist with clean up at the venue.

Fairfield University has established an online system for residents to report any concerns over the coming months. It can be done anonymously or signed by the resident.  Report linked below:  

Off Campus Concern Report

HB 5254 – What does it mean for Fairfield Beach

“For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, and each fiscal year thereafter, no municipality, or parking authority or parking division thereof, that receives a grant in accordance with the provisions of part IIa of chapter 240 of the general statutes in
such fiscal year shall (1) restrict access to parking spaces or parking facilities near a public entrance to a public beach, recreational area or scenic area to visitors who are residents of such municipality, or (2) establish different parking fees for such parking spaces or parking facilities for visitors who are residents of such municipality.
Statement of Purpose:
To prohibit municipalities that receive town-aid grants for roads from restricting access to parking near public beaches and recreational and scenic areas.”

Testimony was given at the March 7, 2022 Public Hearing by FBRA Board Members and Fairfield officials:

Letter from Chief Kalamaras

Police Chief Robert Kalamaras joined our February Board Meeting to share his thoughts about the role of Fairfield Police in the Beach Area and particularly about Resident/Student relations.